Looking for ways to get your products placed on retailers' shelves? Golden Marketing Group can prepare formal presentations; plan marketing strategies; implement Plan-o-grams; and advise customers in regards to upcoming retail trends.

Getting an appointment with an important retailer is only the beginning. Golden Marketing Group follows up with in-depth analysis of how your products can be most effective at retail. Cost structures, Advertising, Production Plans are all part of what we do as a Manufacturer's Representative.

Golden Marketing Group is a Manufacturer's Representative for the Housewares and Home Furnishings Industry.

We represent Houswares companies who produce/import over 10,000 products. From Dinnerware to Cookware; from Wicker to Closet Accessories, Golden Marketing Group represents a wide array of products sold to all classes of trade.

  • Manufacturer's Representative
  • Sales & Marketing Experts in the Housewares/Home Furnishings Industry
  • Plan-O-Gram and Shelf Management experts
  • Sales Professionals
  • Long Terms Retail and Vendor Partnerships
  • Award Winning Sales Team
  • Over 25 Years in Business; Established in 1984
  • EDI and ASN capable
  • Well Versed in Direct Import and Wire Transfer transactions
  • Professional Sales and Service

Golden Marketing Group provides Manufacturers and Importers with a wide range of services to help bring their products to the marketplace. Staffed with employees who have been with the company for over 10 years, including full time sales and marketing professionals as well as a full time administrator, Golden Marketing Group is a leader in selling to many different retail and wholesale trades.

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